Join us! Living the DIFM Lifestyle

June 10, 2016

DIFM Are You Living It Collage

The DIFM lifestyle. It's how we live. It's how you live. It's how dietitians who work in integrative and functional medicine live!

As Monique said in her last post as Chair, integrative dietitians tend to be a serious bunch, but we also practice what we preach! We understand how important lifestyle is in nutrition therapy and in our own lives.

Food, culture, environment, movement, sleep, spirituality, supplements, sunlight, traditions -- these are the pillars of the lifestyle key in the Integrative and Functional Medicine Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT) Radial. It's important to show our clients and patients that we walk the talk!

That's why we want to see how YOU are living the DIFM lifestyle!

Join your fellow DIFM RDNs by promoting #theDIFMLifestyle campaign and enter to WIN a fun DIFM Lifestyle tee-shirt by posting on Facebook. 

Share with our DIFM community on Facebook how you incorporate the DIFM lifestyle into YOUR life, both personally and professionally, by posting yourself engaging in the activities you do each day to nourish your body and soul!

Whether it's dancing, hiking, spa-ing, fencing, or counseling -- anything that shows how you integrate joyous activity. Be sure to use the hashtag #theDIFMlifestyle or #DIFMlifestyle in your Facebook post or Tweet.

DIFM lifestyle teeshirts for sale!

Contest runs June 10th – July 8th. One weekly winner, chosen at random, receives a DIFM Lifestyle tee-shirt throughout contest period. Winner will be notified by Facebook post and via email each week by Friday at 5 pm EST. Winner must be an active DIFM member to be eligible for prizes.

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