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Integrative and Functional nutrition is powerful, and it’s growing in popularity every year. So, how do you fit into the future of IFN?

You have an opportunity right now to accelerate both your career satisfaction, success, and enjoyment with one simple step: join the DIFM leadership team!

There are numerous advantages of serving with us:

  • Establish yourself as an IFN expert: you’ll be a leader in a group with approximately 4,000 IFN dietitians. That says a lot about you.
  • Gain valuable and fulfilling connections: you’ll have opportunities to learn from (and collaborate with) the top IFN dietitians
  • Serve the movement: if you’ve been frustrated with the current status quo of nutrition practice, this is your chance to change the tide. IFM is leading the charge of providing individualized, root-cause, integrative care…and we need your help!

Take a moment right now to visualize your career: where you want to be, and how you want it to feel. Imagine what leadership with DIFM could do to get you there.

If you don’t peg yourself as the ‘leadership type’, don’t get discouraged. We have many opportunities, some of which are behind the scenes and some of which are classic leadership roles. There’s a fit for everyone who wants to build meaningful connections with other IFN dietitians, established expertise, and an accelerated path to your career goals.

Here are the open positions for this year:

  • DIFM Chair Elect - Works with Chair position to learn and assist in the responsibilities of Chair sufficient to prepare for the full Chair position in the year succeeding. Participates with Executive Committee and Leadership Team alongside Chair and supports other leadership roles within DIFM DPG to learn the ins and outs of the organization's flow and management to be prepared for the Chair position in the following year.

  • Treasurer - Serves for a 2-year term to maintain all fiscal needs and responsibilities for events, travel, sponsorships, marketing, awards, service agreements, and more. Maintain all receipts and sufficient clean bookkeeping for optimal organization with all things money and finances for the organization.

  • Nominating Committee Chair Elect - Serves under current Nominating Chair to support action items and responsibilities for elections, awards, and communication announcements for available positions. You will also learn the calendar year timeline for all tasks and assignments to sufficiently perform the role of Chair in the year following.

  • Nominating Committee Member - Serves alongside the Nominating Chair and Chair Elect to support action items and responsibilities for elections, awards, and communication announcements for available positions.

  • HOD Delegate - Works with House of Delegate (HOD) Chair (speaker) to perform all duties required. Oversees ongoing action items, support communication projects and liaison messages between the House of Delegates and the DIFM membership. Reviews and evaluates documents and ongoing legislative processes to sufficiently communicate between parties.

Interested? Please submit your application! Just complete the form, linked below, and submit to the Nominating Committee by October 15th, 2021.

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DIFM Nominating Committee


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