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A Discovery that Reframes the Whole of Global Healthcare in the 21st Century: The Importance of the Imprintome

Editor’s Notes

DIFM Virtual Symposium

Inclusion of Nutritional Genomics in Graduate Curriculum for Dietitians

New DIFM Subgroup: Mind-body RDs

The Intersection of Diet and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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fall 2022

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CPE Article:  Macular Degeneration and Nutrition- printed copy, check your mailbox

Macular Degneration and Nutrition

Acupuncture and Eye Disease: an Overview

Slowing Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD): Focus on Incorporating the Traditional Mediterranean Diet

Exercises for Healthy Eyes 

Resource Review: Reducing Excess Exposure to Artificial Light



Male Fertility Beyond Conception
Spotlight on Tea
Breaking the Cultural Code: How to counsel Your Hispanic Clients with confidence
News You Can Use
Nourishing Resilience in Times of High Stress