From the Chair: The DIFM Lifestyle Kickoff

May 3, 2016
By: Monique Richard


As my time as Chair comes to a close, I reflect on this past year and all that has been accomplished and continues to evolve. It was my intention to EXPAND and ENHANCE DIFM further during my 2015-2016 term.

Expansion in terms of the number of members, expansion in the number of member benefits, supportive educational materials, exposure at events, conferences, and form partnerships with academic and professional associations similarly aligned to us. We certainly have expanded; we are now the 4th largest dietetic practice group within the Academy with over 4100+ members and quickly growing. We have a DIFM Ambassador Speaker Stipend program for our members to take advantage of and have expanded our reach on many different levels from affiliate meetings to national conference presentations.

Enhancements have been made throughout our website from our color scheme to our video display, our blog addition, and toolkit and so much more. Our newsletter format and content has continued to be refined and expanded.

Expand and enhance, we certainly have, on so many levels. Because of the creativity, perseverance, passion and commitment of our team--the Executive Committee, whom I consider my extended family, and YOU, our amazing members, all this is possible and more is yet to come! Thank you for your enthusiasm, your support, and sharing your time and skills. Thank you for allowing me the honor to fulfill this role. I am humbled, grateful and ever in awe of the caliber of this group.

Here at DIFM, we are very serious about advancing our practice, elevating the Integrative RDN, and digging deeper into the science that builds the foundation to help those we serve. We strive to lead with integrity, innovation, and inspiration. We also know how to have fun and we actively try to practice what we preach.

At DIFM, we look at the dynamic, holistic, pillars of our practice, we look at the healing power of food as medicine, we get out in nature, we honor individuality. We take our profession into every aspect of what we do, but also take every aspect of who we are and put it into our profession, as an Integrative RDN.

We practice or teach yoga, tai chi, Qi Gong, dance, sing, rap, run, hike, use aromatherapy, make wine, art, write, act, volunteer at food banks, rescue animals, cook, bake, travel, play, get massages, grow gardens, farm, and so much more.


We are serious, yes, but we are also dynamic and FUN! We want to spread the message of who and what DIFM stands for, and we are doing it with the kickoff of our #theDIFMlifestyle social media campaign this summer.

What is the DIFM Lifestyle? It's a way of living that embodies a life well lived -- both personally and professionally. It includes daily practices like these:

  • taking time out each day for self-care
  • exercising 
  • cooking and enjoying food
  • sleeping well
  • taking time to smell the spring flowers and enjoy nature
  • enjoying time with family and friends
  • volunteering in your community


If you are doing any of these activities each day to nourish your body and your soul, YOU are living the DIFM lifestyle! Join me and your fellow DIFM RDs by promoting #theDIFMLifestyle campaign on social media. 

Tweet about it and post pictures of yourself on our Facebook page (and your own!) engaging in the DIFM Lifestyle. Use the hashtag #theDIFMlifestyle to win prizes.

Cheers to you and the DIFM Lifestyle, a life well-lived.

See you there!