From the Chair: Spring Leadership Meeting Recap

April 13, 2016
By: Monique Richard


Several DIFM executive committee members and I just returned from a major brainstorm and prioritizing meeting in our nation’s capital. Amidst the beautiful Cherry Blossoms, major traffic and security due to a Nuclear Summit where 40 world leaders met, it was the epicenter of activity, but also ideas and inspiration. As we drove by the Lincoln Memorial I reflected on the variety of challenges and deep contemplation that accompanies changing times and an ever-evolving society. I am in awe of the innovation, fortitude and commitment to help others from those that have solidified their hearts and souls in our history.


We were able to meet with Pepin Tuma, from our DC office and not only discuss public policy and advocacy issues, but education, advancement, and our scope of practice. The Academy’s DC office consistently works to protect the credibility and credential of the RDN, but also on legislation and policy criteria associated with the patients and clients we serve. It became clear to me that their diligence and commitment to this profession has often been underestimated and overlooked.

We showed up with the intention to be part of the solution, a bigger conversation and offer any assistance we can in continuing the advancement of our profession and be the leaders in the evolving area of integrative and functional nutrition.

This is where we need YOUR help! One of the main recurring points was to be involved as leaders within the academy and outside the Academy. We need DIFM representation at all levels, on every task force, committee, work group, in every level and tier within our organization. We need engagement, involvement, collaboration and clear communication to evoke action and elicit change. As we have emphasized throughout the year, we have encouraged members to participate in Action Alerts, in contributing to comments with the Academy to organizations such as the NCCIH, but we also need our members to take on leadership positions within the Academy, within ACEND, CDR, Council of Future Practice and within the FNCE planning Professional Development Committees. A list of all the ways you can be involved with the Academy on a variety of different levels can be found under the leadership tab HERE.

I encourage you to take a look today and sign up for any of these committees that may interest you. Thank you for your dedication and service to DIFM to positive change and advancement.

I agree with Lincoln who posited that “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

The future is now, will you help us create it?