Online Certificate of Training Program to provide Dietitians valuable training in Integrative & Functional Nutrition!

The future is ours, are YOU ready?

As a DIFM member and an Integrative RDN, you already have a distinct advantage when treating your patients and clients. You combine evidence-based research, practice-based evidence, your unique experience, valuable resources, and meaningful collaborations into your practice. You are making strides in the dietetics arena by applying Medical Nutrition Therapy in a dynamic and influential way with integrative and functional medicine at the helm (IFMNT).

But you want MORE. You want specific training, detailed resources, and practical examples of the application of IFMNT.

We hear you loud and clear!

DIFM has upped the ante to further your knowledge, expand your integrative toolbox, and broaden your skill set as the nutrition expert. We’ve been working hard to fulfill our vision and mission to optimize health and healing with integrative and functional nutrition and empower our members as leaders in the field.

Integrative and functional nutrition is an ever-evolving area in dietetics. From nutrigenomics to the microbiome, epigenetics to functional foods, it’s imperative that RDNs be at the forefront, leading this evolution.

We know many RDNs have not received the in-depth, advanced training that’s necessary to excel and may not understand how IFMNT can be applied to their own practice or how it can enhance outcomes and influence change.

This is why we’re so excited to announce this new training.

Together with the Academy’s Center for Lifelong Learning, DIFM has developed an Online Certificate of Training Program to provide valuable training for RDNs wishing to further their knowledge in integrative and functional nutrition.

We are honored to have top experts in the field of IFMNT (some with 30+ years of experience) contribute and develop these modules as a labor of love for DIFM. Expert contributors include Kathie Swift, Mary Beth Augustine, Kelly Morrow, Sheila Dean, Lisa Fischer, and Beth McDonald.

Who Should Take This Training?

This training is for any RDN who wishes to further their knowledge base in integrative and functional nutrition.

What’s Included in the Training?

The certification consists of five separate modules emphasizing the foundational pillars of IFMNT. Each module builds upon the next in application and depth.

Module 1: Introduction to Integrative and Functional Nutrition

This module is designed to provide an introduction to integrative and functional nutrition. In this module, we will examine the integrative healthcare landscape including the evolution of the current language and concepts used in this area; outline the guiding principles of both integrative and functional medicine; and provide a primer on how we apply the integrative and functional medicine constructs in practice. We will finish up by exploring some of the challenges and opportunities in this evolving area and outline some educational resources useful in practice.

Module 2: Digestive Health

This module provides a science-based whole systems approach to digestive health and integrative and functional nutrition therapy (IFMNT) for functional gastrointestinal (or GI) disorders, intestinal permeability, intestinal pathogens, and imbalances within the GI microbiome that impact human health and disease, including inflammation, motility, functional GI disorders, obesity, liver disease and cancer.

Module 3: Detoxification

This module provides a science-based, whole-systems approach to hepatic detoxification, biotransformation and elimination of endogenous and exogenous toxins. To accomplish this, diet and nutrition interventions utilize cofactor micronutrients, phytonutrients, amino acids and antioxidants to support Phase 1 and Phase 2 hepatic detoxification. Taken as a whole, the information provided in this module demonstrates that the proper diet for a specific patient can influence detoxification function in a clinically important manner.

Module 4: Inflammation

This module covers the integrative and functional nutrition approaches to managing systemic inflammation. The goal of this module is to review the antecedents, triggers, and mediators of acute and chronic inflammation and to provide dietetic professionals with science-based integrative approaches and practice-based recommendations for managing inflammation in chronic diseases.

Module 5: Dietary Supplements

This module will cover the prevalence of use of dietary supplements among Americans; FDA’s guidance documents and regulatory information; risk management; clinical and client decision making; and ethical, legal and scientific integrity considerations for nutrition and dietetics practitioners.

Academy members enjoy a reduced rate of $24 for each module ($120 total). Complete all five modules and earn 10 hours of CPEUs (CPE level 2) and Certificate of Completion. Click HERE to register for module 1 and get started today!  For more information and to register, visit

The future is ours, your future is NOW.

Recording of the Symposium is now available!

Dietary Supplements: An Integrative and Functional Approach
presented on Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine (DIFM) hosted a full day symposium in Boston, prior to the opening of FNCE.  This cutting edge event focused on herbal and non-herbal dietary supplements in the application of specific health conditions including, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, inflammation, sleep/stress, and gut health.  Therapeutic application addressed dosing, delivery, current research, and safety concerns.  Along with research to support their usage, there was discussion regarding functional lab testing, nutritional genomics and nutrition focused physical exam as it pertains to supplements.

Distinguished speakers Dr. Mary Bove, ND and Dr. Sheila Dean, DSc, RD, LD, CCN, CDE focused on herbal dietary supplements and non-herbal dietary supplements, respectively. During lunch, Dr. Corey Schuler, MS, DC, LN, CNS presented “Advances in Intestinal Hyperpermeability and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.” This presentation focused on working with those clients for whom the elimination diet has failed, have difficult symptoms to manage, and cannot tolerate conventional approaches.

Herbal Dietary Supplements presented by Dr. Mary Bove, ND
Sponsored by Gaia
Introduced by Kelly Morrow, MS RD, Chair, DIFM

Advances in Intestinal Hyperpermeability and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth presented by Dr. Corey Schuler, MS DC LN CNS
Sponsored by Integrative Therapeutics
Introduced by Monique Richard, MS RDN LDN, Past Chair, DIFM

Non-herbal Dietary Supplements presented by Dr. Sheila Dean, DSc RD LD CCN CDE
Sponsored by Emerson Ecologics
Introduced by Mary Purdy, MS RDN, Chair-Elect, DIFM

6 CPEUs 


The Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy™ (IFNA™) is a clinical training and mentoring program that includes a case-based approach and skill-building in key areas:

        • Integrative and Functional Nutrition Protocols
        • Therapeutic Elimination Diets
        • Dietary Supplements
        • Conventional and Functional Labs/Diagnostics
        • Nutrigenomics/Nutrigenetics
        • Mind Body Practices

Completion of the IFNA™ programs leads to a Certificate of Training and/or the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner™ (IFNCP™) Credential. For eligibility, click here:

For more information:
Dr. Sheila Dean, DSc, RDN, LDN, CCN, CDE
Kathie M. Swift, MS, RDN, LDN, FAND, EBQ



As Functional Medicine becomes mainstream, doctors and patients alike, need your specialty expertise. Now is the time to expand your knowledge base. IFMNT Certification or credentialing available through live, interactive webinars providing evidence-based, deep-level learning in numerous specialty areas such as supplements, functional labs, nutrigenomics, and much more.


  • Being a sought-after specialist
  • Earning more than you ever thought possible
  • Enjoying the highest level of professional respect
  • Profoundly changing the lives of those you work with

Join 25-yr veteran, Susan Allen, RD, CCN, the originator of IFMNT mentor training, along with select expert guest instructors.

  • One free private mentor session INCLUDED!
  • Three levels of evidence-based learning to fit anyone’s needs/budget
  • Ala-carte topic offerings to expand your existing knowledge-base
  • Intensive topic coverage – up to 10 hrs on one topic!
  • Earn up to 150 CPEs

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