How do I gain access to the Member’s Only section of the website?


To locate your Academy User Id and password:

  1. log into and click EatRight Pro
  2. select the Academy Toolbar
  3. select my “My Profile”
  4. your Academy User ID and password are at the bottom on your profile
  5. If you need to reset your password, you can do that on the login page of the website

How do I register for membership on the DIFM EML/Yahoo Listserv?

First, log in to the DIFM website and then under the “Members Only” tab, click on the “DIFM EML” tab. This page will explain how to join the DIFM EML/online discussion Yahoo! Group.


Click on the hyperlink below to join the DIFM EML, an online discussion group for DIFM Members, and follow the steps below. **Important! Please remember to include your full name and Academy Member Number in the message box when you request the EML membership**

After you click the link above, the DIFM group page will appear where you will then click on “Join This Group” located above our logo. Next, sign in with your Yahoo! ID or email. If you do not have a Yahoo! ID or email, please create a new account and then JOIN. Your membership request will then be sent to the group moderator for approval. Before joining the discussion forum, please read the Online Discussions Netiquette and Terms of Use.

How do I access the Natural Medicines Database?

Under the “Member’s Only” tab, you will see a drop down menu, click on the tab for the Natural Medicines Database and on the next page, click on the purple button that says, “CLICK HERE TO ENTER DATABASE.” Don’t forget to login to the DIFM website first, as the access to this database is reserved for DIFM members.

Where can I find the DIFM discounts offered by the DIFM Networks?

First, log in to the DIFM website. Then click the Network Partners tab only Member’s Only for the list of networks and their discounts.

Where can I find the recorded webinars or archived newsletters?

First, log in to the DIFM website and then under the “Resources” tab, scroll down to see the Archived Newsletters and Archived Webinars. You will find the Archived Webinars to the right of the Upcoming Webinars.

Where do I sign up to volunteer with DIFM?

First, log in to the DIFM website and then under the “About DIFM” tab, click on “Volunteer with DIFM.”

How can I join DIFM?

Click “Join DIFM” found in the top right corner of the homepage for more information and membership rates.

To join DIFM, please call the Member Service Center at 800/877-1600, ext. 5000 (weekdays, 8AM – 5PM, Central Time). Since DIFM is a dietetic practice group (DPG) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics you must be a member of the Academy in order to join DIFM.

What is Integrative and Functional Medicine?

Learn more about us and Integrative and Functional Medicine by clicking on the “About Us” tab.

How do I get started, where can I find more educational opportunities?

Download the Free DIFM Tool Kit under the Resources tab for information on educational opportunities in functional nutrition.


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