Call for Nominations….2017-2018 DIFM Officers….NOMINATIONS DUE October 15th, 2017!

Would you like to get more involved with The Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine (DIFM) DPG, grow professionally, and have fun too?

The DIFM Nominating Committee invites all qualified members to consider running for an elected position to serve on the Executive Committee (EC) of DIFM.

These positions are a great way to get involved and are a competitive advantage on your resume! Serving in an elected position is a wonderful opportunity to play a role in the future of DIFM and integrative nutrition.

Eligible candidates for elected positions:

· are members of DIFM
· may simultaneously hold an elected or appointed position in an affiliate or district association, or can hold an appointed position with another DPG/MIG
· can NOT simultaneously hold an elected position in another DPG/MIG or an elected position at the Academy

The positions on the 2017-2018 DIFM Ballot are:
Nominating Committee – 2 positions available: Nominating Committee Chair-Elect and Nominating Committee Member



Term: A 3-year commitment, one as Chair-elect, one as Chair, and one as Past Chair. All of these Chair positions are voting EC members.

Candidates must have served DIFM either as an elected officer, or an appointed Chair position for at least two years.

  • Chair-Elect works with the Newsletter committee, leads the annual spring EC Leadership Retreat, and helps plan the FNCE events for the following year. The time commitment for Chair-Elect varies according to time of year, but may be 10-20 hours per month
  • Paid travel, lodging, and per diem to the Academy’s Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) and the DIFM Spring Leadership Meeting

When Chair, there is a larger time commitment, averaging 15-20 hours per week when preparing for FNCE and EC conference calls, and there are some weeks with much less time commitment.

  • The Chair tasks include: lead the DPG to achieve the mission and vision; administrative tasks necessary to organize and lead the DPG; communicating with EC members; acting as liaison to The Academy; appointing and working with committee chairs; composing a quarterly newsletter article; approving contracts/service agreements; assisting in budget preparation; evaluating and directing the strategic plan; and planning and attending the FNCE and spring meeting
  • Meeting commitments are about 3-4 days at FNCE, 3 days at the spring meeting, and weekly conference calls
  • Paid travel, lodging, and per diem to the Academy’s Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) and the DIFM Spring Leadership Meeting

The Past Chair advises the Chair and is a member of the Nominating Committee. The Past Chair position requires a nominal time commitment.

  • The Past Chair prepares an Annual report for the Academy at the end of the term, and serves as a consulting member of the Nominating Committee
  • The Past Chair attends monthly conference calls and attends FNCE and the annual spring meeting with expenses paid, pending budget approval



An important position requiring a detail-oriented candidate who is responsible for the fiscal status of the DGP!

Term of office: two years, voting EC member

  • Creates and implements the DIFM DPG Program of Work (i.e. yearly budget) and participates in strategic planning to define future goals and program activities
  • Maintains records of all financial transactions and supporting documents according to the guidelines established for document retention by the Academy
  • Performs all functions usually vested in the office of the Treasurer (such as processing checks, credit cards, or cash).
  • Oversees the use of the DPG American Express (AMEX) credit card for approved uses, obtaining all receipts, financial coding of billing statements and submission to Academy
  • Writes/revises/authorizes service agreements and contracts on behalf of DIFM DPG
  • Serves as liaison with the Academy/DPG Accounting Department for financial transactions
  • Communicates ongoing fiscal status with DPG Executive Committee and prepares end of year financial report for DIFM DPG
  • Assists DIFM Chair by giving opinions, reviewing materials, responding to letters and communications
  • Attends Academy’s FNCE and Spring Leadership Retreat with expenses paid, pending budget approval
  • Participates in monthly conference calls and reviews monthly EC reports and minutes prior to all conference calls and meetings
  • Time commitment: an average of 2-3 hours per week and then 8-10 hours per during the Program of Work planning process


NOMINATING COMMITTEE – 2 positions available:

Being on the Nominating Committee is a great way to get involved and impact the future of the DPG.
Nominating Committee Chair-Elect Term: 2 year term
(1 year as Nominating Committee Chair Elect and 1 year as Nominating Committee Chair)

  • The Nominating Committee Chair prepares the ballot and performs associated election tasks
  • The time commitment for Nominating Chair is about 10 hours per month. Tasks are completed via email, phone, including the scheduled Nominating Calls and monthly EC Conference calls
  • Nominating Committee Chair may attend FNCE and the Spring Leadership Retreat with expenses paid, pending budget approval.

Nominating Committee Member: 1-year term

  • The Nominating Committee seeks nominees for open positions, and obtains all information necessary for the nomination process
  • The Nominating Committee seeks nominations for the various awards and stipends:
    Excellence in Practice, Excellence in Service, Outstanding Student, Lifetime Achievement and Visionary Awards as well as the Educational Stipends for Professionals and Students.


If you are interested in more information or submitting your name, please email Nominating Committee Chair, Stephanie Harris, at

If you have any questions about becoming a candidate, contact any of the Nominating Committee members:

Nominating Committee Chair-Elect, Susan Linke at

Nominating Committee Chair Member, Jessica Redmond at

Nominating Committee Chair Member, Kelly Morrow at

Please act now to submit your name for consideration or to nominate a potential candidate that you feel would serve DIFM well. We need time to complete the application process; the deadline is October 15th.


Thank you!!


Nominating Committee Chair
Stephanie Harris