Connect and network with other DIFM members through our electronic mailing list.

To join the DIFM EML, please follow these steps:
**Important! Please include your full name and Academy member number when you request membership.**
Click on the following link to join the online discussion group for DIFM:

The DIFM Listserv page will appear, click on “Join This Group” located above our logo. Sign in with your Yahoo email and password. If you don’t have a Yahoo ID/email, sign up for one and join. Your membership will be sent to the group owner for approval.

Please read the following information regarding your participation in the DIFM EML Online Discussions Netiquette and Terms of Use DIFM members who participate in the DIFM electronic mailing lists (EML) are expected to abide by the Netiquette Guidelines in all communications.

The summary of the netiquette guidelines are as follows:

  • The netiquette guidelines are intended to preserve the professional and educational purpose and intent of the DIFM EML.
  • All statements on the listserv must be kept professional, and personal statements or exchanges that are designed to injure or provoke another party must be avoided.
  • Personal and non-professional exchanges may be, depending on their nature, inappropriate and any members who engage in these types of exchanges will receive a verbal warning. Members who have concerns should contact DIFM rather than engage in any form of discussion on the EML.

The following topics and subject matter are unacceptable, must not appear in messages on the lists, and may in some instances constitute violations of the Academy Code of Ethics:

  • Discussions of price, fees, or reimbursement amounts (which, as noted by the Academy’s Legal Counsel, may create the risk of antitrust exposure to the Academy and to participants);
  • Abusive, threatening, defamatory, or libelous comments;
  • Pornographic, obscene, or sexual materials or references;
  • Inappropriate comments or references with respect to race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnic background;
  • Religious solicitations;
  • Profanity;
  • Illegal or unethical practices; or
  • Advertising, promotions, or endorsements of commercial products or services.

Please pay particular attention to the guidelines regarding anti-trust violations (no discussion of fees/salaries), the exclusion of advertising, and the forwarding of postings from one listserv to another (outside of DIFM), as these discussions are not permissible.

**If you have any questions or concerns regarding inappropriate postings on the DIFM Yahoo listserv, please contact: Monique Richard, MS, RDN, LDN at