Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine (DIFM) Dietetic Practice Group (DPG)
Policy: Advertising and Sponsorship
Adopted: May 1, 2012
Approved by Executive Committee: May 1, 2012


  1. To assure that the vision, mission, and values of DIFM DPG are upheld in all relationship with outside individual or groups that seek to advertise or sponsor activities or events sponsored by DIFM.
  2. To avoid promotion, or appearance of support or promotion, of any individual, group, event, or product that is not in keeping with the philosophy of integrative nutrition.
  3. To assure integrity in our representations to both members and outside groups.


  1. Advertising may occur in the DIFM Newsletter, both printed version and electronic version; on the DIFM website, on our social media sites, or at any DIFM-sponsored event, conference, workshop, etc. Advertising may be accepted from members and non-members if requirements specified below are met.
  2. Sponsorship refers to money, goods or services given to DIFM in exchange for specified benefits.
  3. Advertising or sponsorship by any individual or group must reflect the vision of DIFM DPG:
    “Optimize health and healing through integrative nutritional medicine practices”
    Thus, DIFM reserves the right to deny application to advertise or sponsor our group if the Executive Committee feels that the message of the advertiser or sponsor is not in alignment with our vision and mission, or in any way does not promote the message of integrative nutrition.
  4. Approval of all advertising or sponsorship will be by a majority vote of the voting members of the Executive Committee (EC). When the voting EC members deem it advisable, the entire Executive Committee will be given an opportunity for input before a vote is taken. Our goal is to assure that the majority of the group is in agreement before any advertising or sponsorship is accepted.

DIFM Member Marketplace

DIFM offers advertising opportunities on the website, This is intended to promote member owned products and services to DPG/MIG and/or Academy members.

  • A member may have no more than two concurrent listings in the marketplace.
  • Membership in DIFM will be verified by the Executive Assistance or Practice Manager prior to acceptance of a contract.
  • A contract for advertising will be created and signed by member and DIFM Executives.
  • All applications for the marketplace will be reviewed and approved by the DPG Practice Manager.
  • All market site products/services must be wholly owned or copyrighted by the DIFM member. Products produced by DIFM members for a non-profit organization (eg, healthcare facility) that holds the copyright, must have written permission from that organization for a product to be included in the marketplace. Permission must be submitted with the application form.
  • DIFM DPG reserves the right to refuse market site inclusion of a product whose nature/content may be considered discriminatory, personally offensive, or otherwise unacceptable.
  • Inclusion of a product or service should not be considered as endorsement of the product or service by the DIFM, the DIFM members, or by any member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • DIFM reserves the right to evaluate all statements and visual images in product/service submissions and to refuse to accept any that do not conform to DPG or Academy policy or philosophy.
  • If testimonials are given, the statements shall be neither false nor misleading. DIFM shall make every effort to ensure that all DIFM Marketplace advertising is based on scientific principles, evidence based dietetic practice, and current information. If the material has a published review in a professional, peer-reviewed journal, the DIFM member should include the review with their marketplace application form.
  • Statements shall not discredit or disparage another product or service. All statements must be accurate and must not be misleading, exaggerated, deceptive, open to misinterpretation, or contrary to proven accepted facts.
  • Statements of properties, performance, nutrient values, etc., must be supported by adequate data and/or be a recognized health claim by the FDA.
  • Submissions for surveys or contests are not permitted.
  • DIFM shall not make any representation or guarantee that participation in the marketplace will increase sales, responses, or revenues.
  • Advertising rates will be established by the DIFM Executive Committee and listed on the website.
  • Disclaimer
    The following disclaimer shall be included on the website : “This market site is provided for the benefit and convenience of members of the DIFM DPG. The fact that a product or service is included here does not suggest that it is endorsed, sponsored, or recommended by DIFM or by the Academy. Member should form their own opinions about any such products or services.”

Non-Member Advertising

  • Non-DIFM members (individuals, organizations, or companies) who wish to have a presence on the DIFM website shall be considered as sponsors. Opportunities for sponsorship are outlined in the DIFM Sponsorship prospectus. Applications will be handled by the Development Chair and her committee.
  • The policies as stated above will apply to non-member advertising.
  • Advertising rates for non-members will be established by the DIFM Executive Committee, and will be listed in the Sponsorship prospectus.